200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Overview of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We are here with the best yoga teacher training course for beginners, i.e. 200 Hours Yoga TTC in Bali. It is the first step for all yoga enthusiasts to enter into the world of yoga.

A 200-hour TTC is the minimum requirement set by Yoga Alliance and many other yoga organizations for their basic yoga teacher registration. By successfully completing this program, you meet the educational criteria necessary for registration. Upon completing a 200-hour TTC at a Yoga Alliance-registered school, you are eligible to register as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the 200-hour level. This registration demonstrates your commitment to professional and ethical standards in yoga teaching.

Yoga Alliance registered, 200 Hours Yoga Teaching Course at Bali Yoga Studio is 21 days residential program where you learn and grow your skills with us. During this journey, you will develop essential teaching skills, including how to sequence classes, give clear instructions, offer adjustments, and create a safe and inclusive teaching environment. These skills are crucial for becoming an effective yoga teacher.

Course Highlights -
  • Private or shared accommodation of 21 days

  • Daily healthy meals and herbal drink

  • Opening havan ceremony or fire ceremony

  • Cleansing kit to help you throughout the journey

  • Study materials and complete training manual

  • Excursion to near iconic locations

  • 24/7 support from our team

  • Theoretical and Practical classes of yoga and its aspects

  • Wi-Fi access at the premises

Multi Style Yoga TTC


Eligibility - Who can Join the 200 Hours Yoga Course?

Well, there is no such eligibility necessary to join the 200 Hours Yoga TTC. All that matters is your zeal to learn. However, you can join the course if -

  • You are new to the term yoga and want to know about it despite coming from a non-yogic background or community.

  • You wish to start a career as a registered yoga teacher or instructor.

  • You are focused on your physical fitness or wish to tone the body.

  • You are dealing with a mental or emotional breakdown and wish to overcome it.

  • You want to soulfully connect with the divine.

  • You are searching for a way to deepen your knowledge or teaching practice in yoga.

200 Hour Yoga TTC in Bali Syllabus

Ashtanga Primary Series

  • Surya Namaskar A

  • Surya Namaskar B

  • Full Primary Series: Padangusthasana

  • Padahasthasana

  • Utthita Trikonasana

  • Parivrtta Trikonasana

  • Utthita Parsvakonasana

  • Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

  • Prasarita Padottanasana A, B, C, and D

  • Parsvottanasana

  • Eka Pada Padangusthasana A, B, C, and D

  • Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana Utkatasana

  • Virabhadrasana A and B

  • Dandasana

  • Paschimottanasana A, B, C, and D

  • Purvattanasana

  • Ardha Baddha Padma Uttanasana

  • Triang Mukaikapada Pashimottanasana

  • Janu Sirsasana A, B, and C

  • Marichyasana A, B, C, and D

  • Navasana

  • Bhujapidasana

  • Kurmasana

  • Supta Kurmasana

  • Garbha Pindasana

  • Kukkutasana

  • Baddha Konasana A and B

  • Upavishta Konasana

  • Supta Konasana

  • Supta Padangusthasana A and B

  • Ubhaya Padanghusthasana

  • Urdhva Mukha Pashimottanasana

  • Setu Bandhasana

  • Urdhva Dhanurasana

  • Salamba Sarvangasana

  • Halasana

  • Karnapidasana

  • Urdhva Pindasana

  • Matsyasana

  • Urdhva Padmasana

  • Sirsasana

  • Savasana

Yoga Anatomy

  • Introduction to a yogic diet

  • Influence of lifestyle into the anatomy and physiology of the body

  • Introduction to the skeleton and its importance in Asana practice

  • Introduction to the muscular system

  • The function of the musculoskeletal system

  • Anatomy of lower limbs of the body

  • Foot

  • Knee

  • Hip

  • Anatomy and physiology of the spine

  • Anatomy and physiology of upper limbs

  • Shoulder

  • Elbow

  • Wrist

Teaching Methodology and Alignment

  • Alignment of a posture for a different group of people

  • Complex anatomical terms are broken down into simple cues and instructions

  • How to do

  • Benefits

  • Contraindications

  • Anatomical views

  • Common mistakes

  • How to avoid mistakes

  • Modification for each and every group of people

  • Adjustments(based on verbal and physical cues)

  • How to instruct

Pranayama and Meditation

  • Introduction of pranayama

  • Benefits of pranayama

  • General guidelines

  • Ujjayi

  • Bhastrika

  • Kapalbhati

  • Bhramari

  • Rubber-neti

  • Jalaneti

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • How to Practice

  • Type of Meditation

  • Osho Dance

  • How to implement Meditation in daily life

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