13 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2020

As more and more people are practicing yoga these days, they are experiencing the many benefits of the practice. Not only has it brought a physical transformation, but there have also been emotional, mental, and spiritual shifts in their beings. Due to consistent practice, they have experienced significant changes in their lives. So what is next?

What else is there to learn about yoga? You can certainly try different styles of yoga: Kundalini Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga. There are workshops and special classes you can take to learn more about the yoga practice. What if you want to go beyond the physical practice; what about the history and philosophy of yoga? Further, what if you want to share your new experiences of yoga with others? There is an answer to all of this: enroll in a yoga teacher training program. In an instructive setting, you can deepen your knowledge of yogic systems, it’s origins, the mechanics, the mythology, and even how to teach these topics to others in a classroom setting. Bali, Indonesia is one such place to consider for your 200-hour yoga teacher training. But why Bali?  Here are thirteen reasons why you should consider doing a 200-hour teacher training in this beautiful setting in the coming year.

1. An Opportunity to Travel

If you have always wanted to travel abroad, this is a perfect reason to do so. Bali has grown to be a primary place for travel as a vacation destination. It is a splendid place for site seeing, exploring and experiencing a new culture and climate, and not surprisingly, for the study of yoga.

2. Beautiful Landscape

Southeast Asia, and in particular, Bali, is an island setting that is rich with a beautiful landscape and welcoming surroundings. With some site seeing of this enriched city, you’ll encounter remarkable temples and precious landscapes that will inspire your yoga education. Even the warmth of the sun and the occasional rainy monsoons can add to your experience. Learn about the eco-systems and the climate, indulge in the native foods, and the welcoming open arms of the people.

3. Welcoming People & Delightful Cuisine

The Balinese people are uniquely genuine and kind. Wherever you go in Bali, you’ll always be greeted with a smile. The infectious nature of the Balinese smile can serve as the essence of your yoga training experience: simple, authentic, deep, healing, transformative, invigorating. In addition to the friendly culture, you’ll encounter delicious meals cultivated from the farmlands of the region.

4. Immerse Yourself into the Culture

When you do a yoga training in Bali, you’ll be living amongst a Hindu culture that resembles exactly what you’re learning in your training sessions. This is what a yoga experience is all about. This is ideal for a yoga teacher training that has its origins from ancient traditions that can be seen and still practiced in a place like Bali.

5. Budget Friendly

Traveling abroad may seem quite expensive. Add the price of a yoga teacher training and you may think this is an impossible option. You will be surprised how affordable it is to travel to Bali. That is why many aspiring yoga teachers visit Indonesia because it can fit into your travel budget plans. Traveling to Southeast Asia is considerably lower in price than visiting in U.S. or Europe.

6. All Inclusive

When you book a yoga training in Bali, you will stay in a resort that is specifically designed for a yoga teacher training experience. Everything will be included in your stay. That is, the cost of your teacher training will include lodging, room and board, and all of your yoga curriculum materials. All of your standard needs will be taken care of, too, with your paid tuition. You won’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, preparing meals, or laundry. All of these things will be taken care of for you so you can solely focus on your studies.

7. No Distractions

Because you will be away from home, you’ll be able to completely focus on your yoga training. Doing a training close to home has its advantages, but it also carries some challenges. You’ll need to integrate a 200-hour training into the rest of your busy life. Orchestrating time for classes, personal study, and practice may be difficult to maneuver. If you really want to have a comprehensive training and meaningful education, invest in traveling to Bali for your studies.

8. Commitment To Yourself

Consider your training in Bali as an investment to your personal growth and development. Think of it as a “yoga vacation” to a beautiful island setting where you can focus on only one thing; in this case yourself and your desire to learn more about yoga.

9. Comprehensive Offerings

Because you will be in the Balinese settings that are conducive to the overall training, you will return home with a comprehensive training. While in Bali, imagine waking daily to the peaceful sounds of the ocean waves, eating healthy organic meals every day, meditating on the beach, practicing in a beautiful yoga studio, living among a happy and proud people. Your studies and practice will only be enriched.

10. Deepen Your Practice

As you learn more about the many facets of yoga: the history, philosophy, traditions, teachings, and practice, you’ll also deepen your personal practice. Part of your training will involve daily yoga practices and meditation. It’s an opportunity for introspection; to cleanse and heal your body and mind from bad habits, negative thinking, and poor choices. In your training, you open your heart and mind to the full meaning of yoga, how to live it, and how to teach it. Due to the dedication to your consistent practice, this will translate well when you return home; both as a new yoga instructor and as a regular practitioner.

11. Complete Your Training in a Short Period of Time

A teacher training in Bali can be a 2-week intensive or a 4-week immersion where you can become certified as an instructor in a relatively short period of time. Back home, you may find yourself taking up to one year to complete a training. That’s mainly because you have to pay attention to your other life-obligations and responsibilities. These can often can interfere with fully committing to the yoga school’s training, thereby making it a longer commitment. Traveling abroad allows for a dedication and devotion to the teacher training.

12. Make New Friends

Another benefit from taking a yoga training in Bali is that you’ll make new friends. Others will gather from other parts of the world for a yoga teacher training experience. Because you are all invested in the same goal, you’ll quickly connect to like-minded individuals that will turn into long lasting friendships.

13. You’ll Be a Certified Yoga Instructor

A standard training is 200 hours; it’s an immersion into all you need to know about yoga. In addition to learning about the philosophical origins of the practice, you’ll learn about the different styles of yoga, anatomy, and how to formulate and construct a class to teach to others. At the end of the training, you will be certified to teach yoga. It can be a very fulfilling experience; you will learn so much.

Having immersed yourself completely in a yoga teacher training in Bali will result in not only having the knowledge for teaching yoga, but you’ll have a personal growth experience, too. Because you’ve taken the deserved time to focus on yourself, to fully and completely open your heart to what the yoga philosophy has to offer, your certification as a yoga instructor will be well worth the investment. So, consider a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in the beautiful land of Bali.

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